Now is the time for all of McIntosh County’s people to come together for the good our wonderfully unique, beautiful, historical and loving community that is filled with natural resources and opportunities to turn our tide to a prosperous, healthy, educated and joyous place to live, work, play and a place for many to visit and enjoy.
That is the job set before each one of us.
Now is the time, because this community refuses to accept the outlook study conducted Georgia Chamber of Commerce called Georgia 2030.
The outlook for McIntosh County is not a pretty one, as reported in The Darien News in the July 6, 2017 issue. The study predicts there will be a decline of jobs by 4.2 percent (244 jobs) by 2026. The county is to have a population loss of 5.9 percent. McIntosh County is ranked one of 53 Georgia counties that are distressed, and the only county on the Georgia coast to be placed in that position. It predicts that by 2030, the 32.5 percent of the county’s population will be age 65 or older. The outlook said the poverty rate for all ages in McIntosh County is 21.3 percent and 37.5 percent of the adults in McIntosh are not working.
Depressing? Yes.
Inevitable? Absolutely not!
Now is the time to do something about those negative predictions and float all of our boats on a rising tide in McIntosh County.
Some McIntosh County residents got together with that idea in mind to bring this community together to refuse accepting the negatives and embrace and promote our positives and be a successful community. Identified as the Community Development Steering Committee, it has set a course and is being coordinated by the Darien-McIntosh Chamber of Commerce.
This is just the beginning of work to involve every single resident in this county. Task Forces have been formed and leaders assigned, who are opening arms for other residents to volunteer to diligently work on these projects.
Currently, there are eight task forces: Darien River Bridge Task Force; Branding/Marketing Task Force; Education/Workforce Development Task Force; Tourism Task Force; Community Enhancement Task Force; Retail Development Task Force; County/City Services Consolidation Task Force; and Communication Task Force.
In a regular basis, each task force will report to the community about the headway it is making.

If you are interested in becoming part of any of the task forces, subscribe for updates or offer any solutions/suggestions, please complete the information below.

***(This is an evolving effort, so please limit comments to solutions or suggestions. If you have a specific issue
that you would like to bring to our attention, please contact the Chamber office at the number listed below.)